Thursday update: Keep hope alive edition

With their best player “doubtful” with a bone bruise, no one could have blamed the Memphis Grizzlies if they phoned in their effort last night, took one final loss, and called it a season.

That’s not what happened.

The Grizzlies absolutely stomped Golden State, leading by 52 at the end of the third quarter en route to a 134-95 win. That makes the series 3-2 in Golden State’s favor, with the Grizzlies heading to San Franciso Friday in an attempt to tie it up and force a Game 7 (9 PM, ESPN).

Grizzly Bear Blues has a good recap of last night’s game. I see they agreed with a conclusion I drew earlier this week: “Tyus Jones is going to get PAID.” Memphis is going to have to pay starting-point-guard money if they want to keep their backup point guard. Jones is likely to have multiple offers from around the league, and as an unrestricted free agent, he’s under no obligation to remain in Memphis.

Summer Memphis weather welcomed everyone to the first day of BBQ Fest yesterday:

Oh, by the way, they fixed my air conditioner and I slept soundly last night. Yesterday was the first weekday morning I’ve spent at Bardog since December and I was reminded of how much I enjoy that place.

BBQ Fest is open to the public 11 AM to midnight today. Notable items on the schedule:

  • Ms. Piggie Idol 6 PM
  • Awards for Best T-Shirt, Best Booth 7 PM
  • Rob Caudill’s Tribute to Rod Stewart 8 PM
  • Almost Elton John 9:30 PM

The Flyer reports that the Greater Memphis Chamber has launched a campaign for a third bridge over the Mississippi River at Memphis called America’s River Crossing.

Be sure to catch Action News 5’s latest 5 Star Story: What it takes to be on the Memphis Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas dance team

The mayor of Dallas thinks the city could support a second NFL team. He notes that the Dallas Metroplex is about to pass Chicagoland as the nation’s third-largest metro, which would make Dallas the largest metro not to have two teams.

Some Subway locations are running short on meat.

Did you know you could get commute coaching in Memphis? Participants work one-on-one with a coach to develop safe and efficient bike routes around the city.

Longshot has a new drink to celebrate the playoffs. Grizzlies Blue Drank comes with vodka, Blue Curacao, and citrus.

The DMC is taking requests for proposals for two empty spaces on Beale Street, the old Tater Red’s and Black Diamond spaces.

Road trip idea: St. Louis is the Bosnian food capital of the U.S.

Harry Potter will be the free movie shown by the Downtown Neighborhood Association in Court Square tonight. The event opens at 7:30 with the movie starting at 8.

There will be a Shop Black Memphis market with Black-owned vendors in Fourth Bluff Park this Saturday from 1 to 6.

There will be an event called Every Dog Has Its Day Part 2 in Court Square Sunday from 4 to 8. The event’s purpose, according to its permit, is to “showcase beautiful dogs and to bring people together to vibe and celebrate.”

A Hulu ad featuring Ja Morant debuted yesterday.

Memphis Animal Services is in critical need of dog fosters.

Drivers who block intersections to perform stunts say that will stop doing that if the city will work with them to provide a place they can perform legally. This is actually a very cool piece by FOX 13 Investigates. It features the stunt drivers telling their side of the story.

Police say that Infiniti G35 coupes – Fin Fins, as they’re called – are very popular among carjackers in Memphis. Sometimes Nissan Altima coupes are mistaken for the very similar G35s and are carjacked as well.

M-80s headline tonight’s Peabody rooftop party.

Tonight is Back to the ’90s night at Rumba Room.

Programming note: I may stay out late tonight, and if so tomorrow’s blog post may be real late getting published. Back at some point with more news.