Saturday update

The ancillary category winners and Best T-shirt, Best Booth, and Ms. Piggie Idol winners for BBQ Fest 2022 have been posted to Memphis in May’s website. Two exceptions: Announcement of the winners in Seafood and Exotic have been delayed until today due to yesterday’s inclement weather.

That inclement weather caused Memphis in May to evacuate Liberty Park for a while yesterday, with guests who did not have cars parked nearby sheltering in the Liberty Bowl concourse.

Today’s the day the teams have been waiting for: The judges will come around to the booths to score teams in the Big Three categories: Ribs, Shoulder, and Whole Hog. Judges will also visit the smaller Patio Porker teams. Good luck to everyone who is competing today.

The Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff run has come to an end as they lost at Golden State last night 110-96. Congratulations to all the Grizzlies players and staff on a phenomenal year that could best be described in two words: Exceeded expectations. Very few people expected a 56-26 record and a 2 seed in the West from this team. The future is indeed bright.

There are some good things happening at breweries around town today. At Soul & Spirits at 845 N. Main, the Manes on Main Festival will happen from noon to 10 PM. There will be hair, beard, and mustache competitions (hence, “Manes”) with local celebrity judges. There will also be a new festival beer release along with refillable, collectible ceramic mugs. There will be a Shop Made in Memphis vendor area and three food trucks: Albees, New Wing Order, and Yippie Trippie.

Wiseacre will host a Karaoke Jam at its Downtown location with DJ Lil’ Egg Roll tonight 7 to 10.

Memphis Made Brewing Co. has its annual Hopped festival this weekend. HEELS and Church Bros. will supply the live music. Lady Guava, a Double IPA with guava flavor, will make its debut.

You can now pick up bottles of STIX’s ginger dressing and yum yum sauce at Cordelia’s Market.

Pro tip for bar managers: When selecting new furniture for your patio, keep in mind that there are quite a few people in this town who tip the scales on the far side of 300. If you choose fashionable over durable, you might find yourself making a second trip to the furniture store.

From Lifehacker: How to sleep in the heat when you don’t have air conditioning. I could have used this a couple of weeks ago.

Also from Lifehacker: How to fight a goose and win (just kidding, you won’t win)

Rootstock Wine Merchants opens Monday at 644 Madison in The Edge. They offer small-scale, family-owned wines that express the spirit of the region that produced them. They’ll be open 10 AM-8 PM Monday-Saturday. Follow them on Facebook and look for info about a grand opening next month.

From How the return of the Blues Hall of Fame and Blues Music Awards in 2022 captured the spirit of the Memphis blues community

From RealClearScience: Why are watches usually set to 10:10 in ads?

Today is Dance Like a Chicken Day.

Apologies to those who have texted me and who I didn’t get back to in a timely manner yesterday. I have incomplete information and don’t want to say anything inaccurate.

Back tomorrow with more news.