Monday update

The DM had an article this weekend about the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, a volunteer group that prepares nutritious burritos and then bikes to Downtown and Midtown locations to feed the hungry. They ride and hand out burritos every Wednesday night and breakfast burritos every Saturday morning. They operate out of the kitchen at First United Methodist.

The article notes that inflation is hitting the burrito ministry along with everyone else. At the beginning of the year, the ingredients to make a meat-and-bean burrito cost 33 cents. Now they cost 82 cents.

If you’d been alive in the year 1200 and attempted to visit Paris, or Vienna, or Constantinople, you’d have found physical walls around those cities, designed to keep invaders out. The DM reports that Memphis suburb Olive Branch, Mississippi will install virtual walls. License plate cameras will read plates at the city’s 24 entrances and report to Olive Branch PD in real time when the owner of an entering vehicle has a warrant. This sounds an awful lot like “Big Brother is watching” to me.

Today is National Cat Day.

Gunshots were fired near Beale Street and B.B. King Blvd. around 3 AM Sunday.

There was also a shooting at Hernando and Vance in the 5 PM hour Saturday. That left a man in critical condition.

The FedEx St. Jude golf tournament happens at Southwind this week.

That’s it. Not a terribly newsy day. Back tomorrow.