Thursday update

The Green Beetle will temporarily close beginning next Monday, August 15, to install a new floor and make repairs to their building. They say they have a great contractor, but still, the repairs will take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Management is asking those of you who are Beetle fans to get by there this week and show the staff some love.

The Silly Goose has announced some new theme nights starting this week.

  • Swim Night, Thursdays after 9 PM. No pool needed. Synth & dance.
  • Flip Night, Fridays from 7 to 11 PM. Choose a beverage, win the coin toss, win a drink. Ask your bartender for more details.
  • DJ Night, Fridays and Saturdays after 9 PM. No cover for ladies until 11 PM.

I swear I’m not making this up: The Microsoft Excel World Championships were broadcast on ESPN2 this week. Not the most boring sport in the world (that would be golf), but close.

Blind Bear trivia note: Local teacher Monsieur Davenport will fill in as host next Tuesday while regular host Velvetina is away. He’ll have pop culture questions along with questions on current events and history, and since it’s Elvis Week, he’ll do a deep dive into the life of The King. The fun starts at 7:30.

Dark article from Lifehacker: How to befriend crows and turn them against your enemies

Good news for those of you who live in East Memphis: Legendary Downtown breakfast joint Sunrise Memphis is opening a second location at 5469 Poplar in the old Blue Plat Cafe location.

The DM reports on a new game called You Can’t Say That: Memphis Mane Edition. It’s funded by a Kickstarter account. For example, you might have to get your teammates to guess “trolleys” without saying tracks, whistle, Main Street, or ride. If someone says a forbidden word, everyone goes, “Naw, mane.”

Louise Page, Madaline Collins, and Alexis Taylor play South Main Sounds, 550 S. Main, tonight from 7 to 9 PM.

All right. Golf is boring, but in honor of the kids of St. Jude and in memory of my buddy Mac who volunteered at the FedEx-St. Jude tournament for years, I’ll make a prediction for this weekend. Xander Schauffele -14, winning by one stroke.

Back tomorrow with more news.