Tuesday update

Whoever invented electronic document signing is a genius. I was able to go online and sign my lease documents at 4:15 this morning. No waiting for the leasing office to open at 9:00. No having to interact with people.

Inflation, man. Since the pandemic, it’s hit everything from rent to ice cream to car prices. Now it’s even hit an item most of us would never think of: LETTUCE. A restaurant employee told me yesterday that the wholesale price of lettuce is so high right now that they may have to temporarily take salads off the menu.

Save the date: Blind Bear and Ole Smoky moonshine are having a Sweaters & Onesies Christmas party Saturday, December 10 from 7 to 11 PM. There will be prizes and giveaways and the following specialty cocktails:

  • Winter Wonder Mule – hunch punch moonshine, cranberry & lime juices, and ginger beer
  • Blackberry Spritz – blackberry moonshine, raspberry liqueur, bubbles
  • Hot Apple Pie – apple pie moonshine, spiced simple syrup, and hot cider
  • Chocolate Strawberry Martini – Shine Nog moonshine cream, white chocolate strawberry moonshine cream, cookie dough whiskey (HOLY SH*T I WANT THIS ONE!)

They’ll also have some specialty shots:

  • Peppermint Mocha – peppermint moonshine, java moonshine cream
  • Snow on the Mountain – Shine Nog moonshine cream, cookie dough whiskey

Black Friday gift cards are available at Aldo’s Pizza Pies tomorrow through November 30. They’re 50% off and the minimum purchase is $25 (for a $50 gift card). The only thing to know is that you can’t use them before January 1, 2023. The cards have no expiration date.

ATTN BARDOG REGULARS: There’s this obnoxious group of old people who do a pajama pub crawl the Sunday before Christmas, and they lead off at Bardog right when it opens at 11. If you want to claim your regular seats, better be outside the door at 10:50. My best guess is that the crawl will happen on December 18 this year.

Frank Bonner II (wonder if he’s the son of Herb from WKRP in Cincinnati) of the DM has Tigers bowl projections.

Anyone else getting nose bleeds because of the extremely dry air outside? The past two days, I’ve had to excuse myself to the restroom about once an hour to blow my nose.

That’s it for today. Not sure if I’ll post tomorrow. Thursday I head out to Eads for Thanksgiving with my friends Randy & Theresa. We’ll be joined by one of my all-time favorite bartenders and one of my top 3 favorite butt sluts. I plan on taking the MacBook, so it’s possible I’ll post from Eads.