Sunday update

RIP Irene Cara. “Fame” was one of my very favorite songs of the disco era.

I’m thinking it’s Georgia, Michigan, TCU, and USC in the next CFP poll. If Ohio State had kept it close in their loss to Michigan, I’d have them edging out USC for the 4 spot. 45-23 was not close.

The DM has an update on what bowl the football Memphis Tigers could go to. Independence Bowl (Shreveport) reps were in town for this week’s game, but the Tigers’ loss failed to impress.

Who’s projected to come to the Liberty Bowl?

Today is Small Brewery Sunday. Plenty of choices Downtown to celebrate: Two Ghost Rivers, Wiseacre HQ, High Cotton, Soul & Spirits, Grind City.

Memphis is in the Enhanced Risk zone for severe storms on Tuesday. The afternoon/night is the time frame.

The Union Mission is accepting Christmas box donations for their men’s shelter.

From U.S.News: Downtown Memphis still working on comeback from pandemic

I heard Bardog is going to open at 8 AM Saturday (three hours earlier than normal) for the St. Jude marathon. Melissa and Allie Cat will be your bartenders.

Any other bars gonna open early Saturday? I don’t do Bardog on race day (way too crowded) but if Jessica could be talked into opening Local early, I’d strongly consider going there.

Yesterday was the last day the Saturday brunch gang will be together for a few weeks. My friends Randy and Theresa are off to Melbourne, Australia for a Billy Joel concert. It’ll be late spring there, equivalent to early June where we are. Just for kicks, let’s check out Melbourne’s weather forecast for tomorrow:

Partly sunny, high 65, low 53

Wow, I would have guessed 90 for the high. Looks like Melbourne has a climate similar to San Francisco. Looking at it on the map, it very much is in its own “Bay Area.”

Safe travels to Randy and Theresa. I hope you two see many kangaroos and wallabies and dingoes and koalas and bandicoots and numbats. And I hope you don’t see any saltwater crocodiles.

I hope you see a thylacine too and get a photo. I’m convinced they’re not extinct.

Randy and Theresa were going to put their two adorable papillons, Zorro and Bella, in doggie daycare while they were overseas. However, Butt Slut #1 offered to stay in their house so the dogs can remain in the comfort of their own home. “That’ll save us $600,” Randy and Theresa said.

I pulled them aside. “Are you sure you want to do that?” I asked. “Because it absolutely won’t save you $600. I’ve been to your house. You have way more than $600 worth of alcohol in there. And let’s face it, you give that girl the keys for 2 weeks and not a drop of it will be left when you get home.”

“That’s okay. We’ll buy more,” Randy replied.

For the first time ever, I actually upset Butt Slut #1 for a brief moment yesterday. (Keep in mind, I routinely address her as “BUTT SLUT” in a roomful of strangers and that doesn’t upset her.) I commented that the USA-England 0-0 (nil-nil) draw in soccer was kinda boring.


“I wasn’t saying that at all,” I backtracked. “I enjoy watching soccer. I don’t hate watching it the way I do tennis or golf or that stupid horse racing channel some of the regulars put on the TV here (at Bardog). It’s just that USA-England wasn’t the most exciting match I’ve ever seen.”

Then Butt Slut #1 revealed to me that she had a full ride to college on a soccer scholarship. She might still be playing today if not for her knees. So that explains her passion for the sport.

For the benefit of my single male readers, I’ll start a “keys to Butt Slut #1’s heart” list on here. Here’s what I have so far: 1) Feed her lentil soup; 2) Watch soccer with her. I’ll add to this list as I figure out more.

Time to put on my “I (heart) Sunday school” shirt and head to Sunday school at the Blind Bear. I haven’t figured out how to turn water into wine like Jesus did, but I’m quite adept at turning PBR into urine. Back tomorrow with more news.