Snow day (ice day???) update

So, let’s say I’d gone to a gypsy fortune teller on August 1, 2022. And she’d told me, “Paul, you’ve been an only child for fifty-plus years. But in six months’ time you’re gonna have a little sister.”

I would have said, “Go home, gypsy, you’re drunk.”

But now I have (an adopted) little sister. And I love her very much. And today’s her birthday.

Happy 29th little sis. There’s another name I call you on this blog but I won’t use it today because I worry your dad might see this post. I hope you win a 600-pound jar of mustard at The Price Is Right Live two months from today.

Vice-President Kamala Harris will be in town today for Tyre Nichols’ funeral.

Portland TrailBlazers @ the Grizzlies tonight, 6 PM. TV is Bally Sports South.

Today is Hula in the Coola Day.

Summer League sensation Kenneth Lofton Jr. has made the NBA Rising Stars game as a G League star. Former Tiger Jalen Duren has made the game as well.

The Ice Storm Warning has been extended another day.

The dodo, extinct since the late 17th century, might soon be de-extincted.

There will be a Lady & the Tramp cookie decorating party at Primas this Sunday.

That’s all the news I could scrounge up for today. It’s a snow day (ice day) and you know what that means for me: BARDOG!!!!! I sure hope WordPress doesn’t mangle the photo and embed in this post. Back tomorrow with more news