That’s what it’s all about

No, not the hokey pokey.

Yesterday we spent the day showing a dear friend how incredibly loved she is on her birthday. I know that feeling well, because I’ve experienced it myself many times. Except, for me, the experience comes in November and on much higher numbered birthdays.

And that’s the thing that sets Downtown Memphis apart from any other neighborhood in the world.

No offense to the Grizzlies or the Orpheum or the Civil Rights Museum or Downtown’s BBQ restaurants – all awesome organizations – but it isn’t you that sets Downtown apart.

It’s the PEOPLE.

There’s this vibe of connectedness down here that just doesn’t exist anywhere else, at least not that I’ve seen. It is so easy to meet people and get plugged into that vibe.

Know what I need to post one day on here? A letter from Current Me to 32-year-old introverted me who just moved Downtown on how to plug into this awesome community in 2023.

Very happy to look at the Weatherbug app on my MacBook’s system tray and see a temperature of 33. We’ve had enough ice for a while.

The Grizzlies fell 122-112 to Portland at home last night. They hit the road to play Cleveland tonight at 6:30. Tha NBA trade deadline is a week from today. Will Memphis make a move?

FedExForum announced that the March 10 Future & Friends Tour stop there is no longer happening due to circumstances beyond their control.

Downtown bartenders: There’s a man who’s been running up huge tabs (100 or more) and then “his credit card doesn’t work” and he can’t pay. I heard him say he was 58 but I woulda guessed 60s. 5’8″ or so, thin frame, glasses, balding, gray hair where he has it. Pre-auth his card before you serve him anything.

Who cares if a stupid brown rodent sees its shadow today? We have more important things to celebrate. It’s Tater Tot Day. Get ’em at Huey’s.

Holy crap the Saucer has carne asada fries!!! Why has nobody told me this?

The fried pickle chips with Sriracha ranch at Blind Bear are amazing. $5.

OH — that reminds me – the aforementioned birthday girl informed me she hates pickles even more than she hates condiments like mustard and mayonnaise. You realize you shouldn’t have told me that? You realize, at some point in the future, I’m gonna force-feed you a pickle chip, right?

Tom Brady retired yesterday.

Cheers to Chef Tam for feeding the Nichols family following Tyre’s funeral.

Be one of the first 1000 people through FedExForum’s gate Saturday for the Tigers game vs. Tulane and receive a Larry Finch bobblehead. It’s also Lorenzen Wright jersey retirement. 1 PM tip. TV: ESPNU

That’s it for now. Gonna go enjoy another snow (ice) day. Back tomorrow.