All kinds of good things can develop

One of my dearest friends came to town this weekend and we had breakfast and lunch together. I got to try a couple of Downtown dishes I had not had before, and I thought I’d share some photos.

This is the Three Little Pigs omelette from Automatic Slim’s: Smoked sausage, bacon, and ham wrapped in an omelette with a side of potato hash. It was really yummy.

Slim’s is unique in that it opens at 9 AM for Sunday brunch, whereas most of the other restaurants and bars that do brunch in the Downtown core don’t open until 11 or later. It’s definitely not a secret: By 9:45 the place was practically full. Perhaps it’s because of the drink specials – $3.00 Bloodys and mimosas during brunch hours. We sat at the bar and bartender Emma took great care of us.

At 11 we walked over to the Blind Bear. After a couple of hours catching up with the Sunday crew, I ordered lunch.

First time to try the menu item named after me! Paul’s Meatloaf Sandwich comes on Texas toast. It normally comes with sides of mashed potatoes and okra, but they told me they were out of mashed potatoes. No problem, I was happy to substitute a side of the Bear’s delicious mac & cheese.

We closed out the day in the basement of Winfield’s clothing store at Madison and Main for a birthday party. Awesome guest list, fantastic food, and superior sips. What a great way to wrap up the weekend.

Years ago, I was watching a poker training video by one of my favorite players, Daniel Negreanu, and he was playing one of my favorite starting hands, 8-7 suited. “All kinds of good things can develop,” commented Daniel.

I find that’s a great philosophy by which to live life.

All kinds of good things can develop.

They certainly did yesterday.