Stocking up

I’ve been on a shopping spree the past couple of days, preparing for this weekend and beyond. Here’s a list of what I bought:

  • Grey Goose vodka (to be chilled – for guests who like vodka shots)
  • Ston vodka (to be used for mixers)
  • Hangar One Lime vodka
  • Maker’s Mark bourbon
  • Tuaca liqueur (recommended by my friend Kevin – similar to a brandy with citrus and vanilla flavors
  • 12-pack of Sprite
  • 12-pack of Coke (REGULAR Coke – there is no diet option at Paul’s bar)

I already have rum, gin, vanilla vodka, tequila, amaretto, and triple sec in the apartment. So I should be well set up for this weekend, although I should probably stop by the grocery store and buy some individual bottles of cranberry.

I’m taking Monday (day after Music Fest or “Hangover Day”) off, so this should be a big weekend. I told my work I need Monday off because there will be drunk people doing some post-Sunday Music Fest partying who will be screaming outside my window at 4 AM. What I didn’t tell them is that I intend to be one of those people doing the screaming.

Change in plans for tomorrow night

I’ve changed my mind. I won’t be attending the Dempseys show tomorrow night on the Madison rooftop. Instead, I will be going to the Project:Motion dance performance Metallurgy: The Properties of Dance at TheatreWorks, 2085 Monroe in Midtown near Overton Square.

Reason for changing my plans: My friend Carmel is a member of this dance troupe. I was aware of the possibility that I might have to miss this performance altogether, as every date on the performance calendar turned out to be a conflict for me. So anyway, this afternoon, she sent me an e-mail offering her opinion on whether I should enable comments in my blog: “I’m not sure I like the comments idea for your blog. It sort of loosens your ownership of it.” BINGO! Exactly. I’m going to write up a post explaining my views on this further, except it will be about 100 times less succinct than what she wrote. She’s the only person who has responded who has summed up how I feel about it.

She also wrote that she understood if I chose the Dempseys show tomorrow night over her dance performance. And as I read that, I thought, I know so many people who would have gone into histronics… who would have gone, “Some stupid rooftop party is more important than ME??? I guess I don’t matter to you AT ALL.” But she didn’t… she wanted me to come if that’s what would make me happy, and if I didn’t come she realized it wasn’t a personal insult to her.

So… guilt and obligation don’t motivate me to change plans. But, realizing that I have friends who are priceless does motivate me.

So, here’s the new plan for tomorrow night… after I get off work I’m going to hit the Blue Monkey for happy hour. I’ll be there from about 5:00 until time to walk over to TheatreWorks, about 7:30 probably. If anyone wants to meet me at the Monkey or at the performance, shoot me an e-mail or call my cell. Tickets to the performance would normally be $15 but tomorrow’s is pay-what-you-can night.

Speaking of the Monkey… I had lunch there today. First time I’ve been in the Midtown Monkey since the Downtown one burned down, believe it or not. I talked with the owners and one of the cooks for a while… it felt like home. I’ll be spending more time there in the future. The cook told me that he’s making his special white chili for Cinco De Mayo on Friday, so I’ll probably show up for lunch then too.

The Monkey still needs wine and champagne corks to decorate the soon-to-be-rebuilt downtown location… so be sure to save them. Hand ’em off to me if you need to, and I’ll make sure they make it to the Monkey.

I just downloaded the Wine Race pics that I took last Sunday, and good god are they awful. Trying to take pics after drinking two Call-a-Cabs isn’t a good idea… pics completely out of focus, pics where my fingers were blocking the lens. I should have handed the camera off to Mikey aka The Camera Nazi – he would have done much better. I’m especially annoyed that the pic I took up the skirt of The Most Annoying Woman On The Planet (she was standing on Pat O’s balcony, I was on the street) didn’t turn out. Although, I did get a few good boob shots of the bikini top she had on for part of the afternoon.

Kat is offended that I wrote that she’s once again my favorite blogger. “How the ‘eff did I ever NOT become your favorite blogger?” Jeez. I can’t seem to please anybody.

The judicial candidate on the roof last night was Evan Nahmias, and he’s running for General Sessions Civil Court Judge, Division 5. Vote for him in the next round of elections in August (I think it’s August) – he gave me free beer.

Time to sign off and prepare for Music Fest weekend – gotta make sure I have adequate supplies of booze, cups, mixers, etc. in the house, and I should at least try to get the place somewhat clean.

God may be my co-pilot, but he’s a lousy tag team partner

In recent weeks on WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE chairman Vince McMahon has been getting fed up with one of his main-event wrestlers, “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels. So, at the most recent pay-per-view, Mr.McMahon and his son Shane challenged Michaels, a born-again Christian in real life, to a tag team match. Michaels’ tag team partner for the match was none other than… God.

In a shocking turn of events, God no-showed the match, leaving Michaels on the receiving end of a 7-on-1 beatdown by the McMahons and the 5-member tag team The Spirit Squad.

I guess this means that, in wrestling lingo, God has “turned heel,” or turned into a bad guy. Abandoning your tag team partner is one of the most common ways for a former good guy to turn heel in the world of professional wrestling.

In other news… Charly is no longer my favorite blogger, after posting in her blog that she doesn’t own any tube tops and has no plans to start wearing them. Boo! Kat wears tube tops, so she is once again my favorite blogger.

The judicial candidate who gave away the free beer on the roof last night seemed like a pretty nice guy, so I’d be willing to mention his name… except I can’t remember it. Evan something. Last name begins with an N. Can’t remember what exactly he’s running for either. If anyone has the info, shoot me an e-mail.

I’m taking the night off from going out tonight, because I need to do laundry and sort through the 100 or so pictures I took at Beale Street Wine Race. Tomorrow night the Dempseys are playing the Madison rooftop. And of course, Friday-Sunday I’ll be having as much fun as possible downtown WITHOUT going to Music Fest.

That’s the news for now… off to work.

I’m just here for the Bud Light

So I came home this afternoon, and as I walked into my apartment building I found the following posted next to the elevator:

“Reception for (some guy whose name I can’t remember),
candidate for (some judicial position)

5-7 pm tonight

On the rooftop of No.10 Main

Free beer and wine will be provided”

Needless to say, I couldn’t give two flying shits about meeting this guy… but since he said the magic words, I’ll go up there and drink his free beer. I don’t feel an ounce of guilt about doing this either.

Should I allow comments on this blog?

Fellow blogger Charly sent me the following e-mail:

“You seriously need to enable comments. Comments are the best part of having a blog in the first place. Duh.


I actually have thought about enabling comments in the past couple of weeks. I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Really, I have no problems with about 98% of my readers leaving comments, and I think the back-and-forth exchange they’d offer could be a lot of fun. I also think it would be good to give other people the ability to contribute when I do “what’s going on around downtown” or “good places to eat” or those kinds of posts.

Let me think about it for a few days. It’s the other 2% that concern me.

Fellow bloggers: How do you handle comments? Do you use “moderated” comments, where you have to approve them before they appear? Do you require users to register (so you can see who they are) before they’re allowed to leave comments? Have you had major problems with people leaving undesirable comments that you’ve had to go in and remove? Have you ever had to ban people’s IP addresses, so they can’t leave comments at all?

Readers: Have you ever read this blog and wished for the ability to leave comments?

You’ll have to e-mail me your responses since I don’t have comments turned on yet.

Yeah… so, I’m drunk again

Hours ago I said I was too tired to post, and here I am posting again for the third time tonight. My neighbor and I went to LoLo’s for dinner, and I remembered an old favorite I hadn’t had in a while – Hangar One Lime vodka, Sprite, and cranberry. Just to make sure it was as good as I remembered, I had three of them.

For dinner I had the pan-seared scallops with mashed potatoes. I’m not exactly sure how they make those potatoes but they work really well with the scallops. Definitely a dish I’d recommend. My neighbor had the pork chop, which was HUGE, with mashed sweet potatoes, and she cleaned her plate so I’m assuming that means she liked it. We sat at the bar, which is the thing to do at LoLo’s because their bartenders are quite possibly the best in all of downtown, and believe me, I spend quite a bit of time sitting at bars, so I should know.

Time for bed, although I don’t know how well I’ll sleep, considering I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement at the thought of going to work tomorrow and sitting in front of a computer screen all day.

$30 beer review

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I went to the Corkscrew and bought a bottle of Rogue Imperial Pilsner, which is the beer that sells for $30 a bottle at the Saucer. It sat in my fridge for a month, until this past Friday night when I was hanging out at my apartment with The Most Annoying Woman On The Planet after trolley tour. I was running low on wine, so I popped open the expensive beer.

Here’s the verdict: I’ve had a couple of other Rogue beers at the Saucer, in the $10 range, and the Imperial Pilsner is comparable in quality to those. Is it worth thirty bucks? HELL no. Not even if it’s served by a cute waitress in a miniskirt. Not even if she stands on top of a very gusty air duct as she serves it.

Is it worth the $13.99 I paid for it at the Corkscrew? Hmmm… that’s a tough call. It was a tasty beer (although unusally hoppy for a pilsner) and at 8.8% alcohol content it will F you up. I guess it was worth it to try it one time. However, for that price I could have bought TWO 12-packs of PBR cans at Rite Aid, and still had a dollar left over.

So there ya go… never did make it to the Majestic tonight. I ended up hanging out on the roof and drinking Red Bull and vodka with one of my new neighbors, and now we’re about to head to LoLo’s Table to get a bite to eat.

I’m too tired to write much, so here’s a link to another good blog to read

This weekend I happened upon one of the funniest blogs I have ever read… so, yeah., written by my friend Charly who lives here in Memphis. Interesting fact I learned about her while reading her blog: She wipes her ass with kitchen napkins when she runs out of toilet paper. Oh, and I learned that she spells “Charly” with a “y” and not an “ie.” Anyway, check it out if you’re looking for something to read… she writes what she feels and doesn’t give a damn if it pisses people off, and I respect that.

Blah… I started to type a weekend wrap-up, but I’m just too tired. I think I’ll walk down to the Majestic and sit at the bar and watch the Grizzlies game. Maybe I’ll make another post later tonight, but don’t count on it.

Go read Charly’s blog… and don’t forget to vote tomorrow, if you didn’t early-vote already… and if you vote in the Democratic primary, vote for Kevin Gallagher for Criminal Court Clerk.