A quick update

Been over a week since I posted. Here’s what has been going on:

– My mother is recovering from successful hip replacement surgery in Little Rock. When she gets out of rehab, I’ll go spend 2 days with her to make sure she can get around the house.

– I was appointed secretary/treasurer of the downtown BNI chapter. Next week we’ll give the chapter an official name. The last two chapters have named themselves Future Millionaires and Super Achievers; I hope we can come up with something that’s not quite so cheesy.

– Went to the Sun Studio 50th Anniversary of Rock’n’Roll show Monday. It was broiling hot but I got to see some good bands. I think I’m developing a taste for 50s-style blues, rock, country, and rockabilly.

– One question: Why do many outdoor festivals make you buy beer tickets in order to purchase beer? Anyone know? I didn’t drink any beer at the Sun Studio event though. It was just too hot. And besides, they were gouging the customers on prices ($4 for a small, $5 for a large) when people could walk across the street to the convenience store and buy a 24-ounce can of Bud for under $2.

– Can’t understand why more Memphians weren’t at the event. Don’t people understand the historical importance? Maybe the music commission needs to work on connecting Memphis to its musical heritage.

– Discovered a very cool place to hang out while I was at the fest: Sleeping Cat Cafe, on Marshall. They have a cafe that is open til midnight and serves gourmet hot dogs, pizza and I think nachos. Also a tiny theater that seats about 30. Seemed like a really good atmosphere. Have been meaning to go back up there and see what the crowd is like.

– Turbo 350 absolutely tore it up as the closing band. Great job.

– Have just started reading a series of books called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Several people have recommended these to me over the years, and I finally broke down and ordered them. Volume I was $23.95 at the bookstore. I got Volumes 1, 2, and 3 from one of Amazon’s used-books affiliates for $20. I love the Internet.

– Plans for this weekend: Tonight I’m having dinner with one of my neighbors and helping her put a resume together. No idea what I’ll do tomorrow – probably hit a coffee shop and read some more of my new books. Sunday I’ll start the day with champagne at Sleep Out’s, then I have an Mpact pool party at Uptown Square in the late afternoon, and then the Dempseys are playing at the downtown Huey’s at 8:00.

– Got a new cell phone – one of those new camera phones. It can also download ringtones and games and other crap. I’m thinking about beefing up my cell phone plan, then dumping my home phone for good. I never use it.

That’s about it – will write more when I get time.