My latest website creation

I have to take a few minutes to brag about the latest website I have created, as well as the business behind it. Over the past few months in this blog, I’ve mentioned my neighbors who are caterers several times. This past Sunday they invited me up to the roof for a dinner of flank steak and linguini and clams, and as I ate I thought, this dinner matches up with any of the four-star restaurants downtown.

So, last month when they approached me and asked me to put a website together for them, it was my pleasure. I tried to come up with something that was as elegant as their food. Check it out: I. Siegel Culinary Productions of Memphis Great menus! It was hard to do this site without getting hungry.

(If anyone is viewing this with a Mac: does their site look okay? I couldn’t get a hold of a Mac for testing)

Learning about their business as I built the site was fascinating. I learned about their experiences catering for the stars, including Elton John, Celine Dion, and David Spade. I also found out that they didn’t even intend to stay in the city – they were just passing through on vacation earlier in the year. But, they fell in love with Memphis and decided to make it home. Not long after they opened their catering business they landed the Court Square re-dedication and events with several other well-known clients.

It’s been a pleasure working with them on this site (especially since they bring food with them to the meetings). They’re going to be a force on the Memphis catering and event planning scene for some time to come.