Out for a few days

I’m writing this from Little Rock. My mother had a mild stroke Saturday morning. I received a frantic, confused call for help from her about 10:00. Luckily two of her friends who live nearby rushed over and called an ambulance. Looks like she’s going to be okay. She’s experiencing a little confusion, trouble finding the words she wants to say, but there’s no paralysis or other serious complications. She can walk and eat and do everything she could do before the stroke. They’re keeping her in the hospital for observation for another day or two but it looks like she’s going to be just fine. I’m taking the day off tomorrow to be with her, but if she continues to improve I’ll return to Memphis tomorrow night.

I know a few of her friends read this (I see Little Rock addresses on my tracker from time to time), so let me reiterate – she’s fine, don’t worry – but you can e-mail me if you want.

Back tomorrow with the usual stupid crap that attracts readers to this blog.