Catching up

– Interesting fun fact to start off this journal entry: Hammond, Indiana once had an NFL team. No kidding. Look it up on the history section of the NFL’s site if you don’t believe me. I can’t even place Hammond on a map. Hmmm, where’s the road atlas… still don’t see it… oh, there it is, it’s a ‘burb of Chicago. I believe that’s where Hammond organs, which are played at ballparks across the country, are made.

– Been catching up on all the Little Rock news while I’m here. Little Rock may have its own Beale Street soon. They’re toying with closing off two blocks of President Clinton Avenue on weekend nights, and if the experiment is successful, they may make it permanent. If they do that, I wonder if they’ll sell drinks on the street and let people walk around with them as they do on Beale. I find it amusing that a street named for Bill Clinton is probably the hottest spot in the city to go pick up women.

– Then again… most big-town entertainment districts are places where people spend beyond their means, act stupid, and line the pockets of the big corporations that manage the bars and clubs… sounds like a good place for a George W. Bush Avenue.

– Why people read this blog… food, apparently. Last Monday at the Mpact board meeting one of the members stopped me. Said she had a friend in town, and the friend wanted to go to the Flying Saucer because she saw a recommendation for their wings on my blog. And I already know that Blue Coast Burrito has some new regulars because of my blog mention. Hopefully I. Siegel Culinary Productions will pick up some new catering customers because of me too.

– I’ve also been informed that I need to do some more research. I failed to take Black Diamond, King’s Palace, and TJ Mulligan’s into consideration when I did the wing report. Perhaps I’ll update it at a later date. Before the unexpected trip to Little Rock, I did some research at Black Diamond Friday night on the effects of PBR on the human body.

– I feel old: Also on Friday night, I was walking onto Beale Street when this group of 18-year-old girls approached me. “Will you walk in with us?” they asked. “If you say you’re our dad, the security guard will let us on the street. Otherwise, he won’t.” Ouch!

– Our poor troops: While sitting in my mother’s hospital room today, I was reading the Little Rock paper, and turned to the Weather section. Forecast for Baghdad: High 118, Low 93. Really gotta feel sorry for the U.S. troops over there, in full combat gear with no A/C.

– Also read the weather for my former home of San Diego: High 70, Low 67. What was I thinking when I moved back to Memphis?

– In the following bullet point I will give the controversy over renaming three Memphis parks the attention it deserves.

– And we’ll wind up this journal entry with another interesting fact: This was the first Sunday since February 22, 2004 that I did not set foot in a bar. Next week the streak begins anew. Although, since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year it will probably be broken again.

– That’s it for now. Most likely I’ll be back in Memphis late tomorrow afternoon.