Spam What Am (alternate title: Let’s Hear It for the Bandicoot)

I’ve been getting a record amount of spam lately, with really idiotic subject lines. For example:

dampen Pharrgmaceutical
bandicoot Pkharmacy
Psharmacy ranunculus
Pharmmacy cistern

I know that these things only need a success rate of like 1 sale per million e-mails to be profitable, but is there even ONE person strange enough to go, “I’m gonna buy my drugs at THIS pharmacy! They have bandicoots there!” Must be an Australian pharmacy, I guess. Or, I mean, an Australian pkharmacy.

Question for downtowners: If you had your choice between never receiving another unwanted spam e-mail again, or never being approached on the street by a bum again, which would you pick?

The new camera has arrived, and the picture quality is fantastic – far better than my previous camera. I snapped about a dozen pictures last night at the Flying Saucer, including three of the blond Romanian. She and I both agree that they capture her true essence much better than the last round of pics. I need to resize them so they don’t take up all my server space, and then I’ll post them later this weekend.

The camera is small enough to fit in my pocket, so it will go with me to tonight’s Bravo event at the Metal Museum and the Dempseys show at the Saucer, and tomorrow to South Main Trolley Tour and Mpact’s birthday party. This blog may turn into a photoblog in the near future.