Romanian pics, round two

More pics of the two Romanians who are currently living and working in downtown Memphis (there are actually SIX Romanians, but the other four are guys, so who cares about them).

We’ll start with Ioana, the brunette Romanian.

After taking this picture I thought, “Okay, I might as well throw away the camera now, because I will NEVER be able to take another picture that is better than this one.” Good LORD she is photogenic.

Here’s another one:

This is a picture she’d probably like to forget, sweeping up at the end of her shift. During the past week she has told me about the digital camera she plans on buying when she gets home, and how she misses her family terribly. She has learned a lot about herself during her stay in America. A very cool person to talk to. I have nothin’ but respect for Ioana.

And now we’ll move on to Liana, the blonde:

A Liana quote: “Kissing is very important. I love to kiss, I love making out… the kissing, the holding. I am a great kisser… well, no not really, but… yes, yes I am. I am a great kisser.”

Here’s another one – I think this one captures her true essence better than any of the other pics of her:

As a Beer Goddess, Liana takes excellent care of her customers, always filling their orders promptly. Well, unless there’s a guy in the bar she wants attention from. Then you’re on your own if you happen to be sitting in her section.

(Edited Sunday, October 2) One more pic. Liana borrows my laptop to check her e-mail.

The Romanians go home this week. There will be a little less sunshine in my life here in Memphis without them.