Mid-week update: new camera, pork butt, and more

– I’m getting a new digital camera! It’s an Olympus IR-300. 5 megapixels, 3x zoom, and 19 different modes to handle all kinds of lighting. It should be here tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for some new Romanian pics this weekend. I’ll also be able to shoot some new pics for Memphis Wallpaper, the first time in a year I will have updated that site. From the dimensions listed on the site, the camera appears to be no thicker than my cell phone, so I may be able to carry it around in my pocket everywhere I go.

– Take a look at my latest website creation: TradiantCAD.com. This is a company that outsources architectural drafting and CAD work to India, saving its clients money. However, they still have a management team here in the States, for the benefit of their clients.

– The Rapscallions suffered a rare loss at Trivia Bowl last night. Our friend Tracy, whose team was not present, joined us. She wanted to use her team name (“Sissy Bitches”) but we wouldn’t hear of it. There were lots of questions about flags. I should’ve studied the flag section in the World Almanac.

– During Trivia Bowl, team member Carmel mentioned that she had been to the fair. “I had pork butt on a stick,” she said. She told us that she had spent quite a bit of time this week wondering how the pork butt got on the stick. I think Carmel may be kinkier than any of us realize.

– Carmel also told us what she looks for in a guy: Someone who can expand her horizons. So, those of you reading this blog looking for Carmel dating tips, there you go.

– She also told me that she likes men who have math skills – like, if she’s out with a guy and he can look at the check and figure out the tip in his head, that’s sexy. You know, the more I talk to women, the more I like sheep.

– There was a question about sheep last night at trivia at the Saucer.

– Speaking of the Flying Saucer… the Dempseys will be playing there Thursday night. Needless to say, I’ll be in attendance, probably with my new camera.

– Friday I’ll be heading to South Main for the monthly Trolley Art Tour, then at 8:00 I’ll head over to Mpact Memphis’ birthday party at 36 G. E. Patterson. The party is open to the public, $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

– I heard that Lacey was thrilled at being mentioned in my blog. So, I’ll mention her again. Two in a row!

– Dammit, just got an e-mail that some friends are going to Hooters tonight. That would be a GREAT place to try out my new camera, but I’m not sure I can get it out of the box and learn how to use it by dinnertime. Nevertheless, in case I do, you might want to check back tomorrow for pics.

– And I’m outta here for now. Time permitting, I’ll post again.