Second dart board post in a row: Rapscallions win again

The Rapscallions took home ANOTHER first-place victory tonight in Team Trivia at the Flying Saucer. But this time, we didn’t take the $25 gift certificate for our prize.

Among the prizes to choose from was a beautiful Sam Adams dart board cabinet. Since we all live at No. 10 Main, we decided to take it and talk to the building owners about letting us put it up someplace. Pictures below – team member Chad shows off our prize:

It didn’t come with a dart board and chalk, but those are cheap. If we put it up, though, we won’t have a reason to go to the Saucer anymore. Wait, yes we would, there are girls in miniskirts at the Saucer. Maybe we can get Carmel to play dress-up or something.

Special thanks to the team of 18 sitting at the table behind us for getting up and leaving mid-game (they would have beaten us if they had stayed) and for giving us their unfinished pitchers of beer.

I am absolutely exhausted but I will post a mid-week update soon… got lots to talk about.