Mail bag

Before we get started, two announcements:

1) A friend of mine is looking for someone with invitations for Google Analytics. This is a website-traffic monitoring service that is used for marketing analysis. Like Gmail when it first started, the service is currently available only if you have an invitation from a current member. So if you have an extra invite you don’t mind sharing, she’d appreciate it – email if you have one and I’ll pass it on.

2) Anyone doing an NCAA tournament bracket pool? I wouldn’t mind getting in on the action if you are.

All right. Down to business. Let’s open up the electronic mailbag.

Subj: ru happy with the size of ur thing
Subj: Pharr7macy news
Subject: Pharammacy news
Subj: GF complaining in the bed/room
Subj: natural in largement
Subj: Phaeermacy news
Subj: GF not happy with ur per4mance
Subj: Super Hot St0ck p1cks, get in early
Subj: Ph@rrmacyy news
Subj: Pha2armacy news
Subj: how’s ur GF, satisfied?

Hey, I just noticed something. These messages are not sent to, my real address. They’re sent to (some random address) In fact, they’re often sent to a bunch of random addresses, which is why I sometimes receive 40 copies of the same e-mail message.

However, my website is now hosted by GoDaddy, and guess what I found in their e-mail account management tools! There’s a little checkbox that reads “Make a catch-all for this domain”… uncheck that box and all that spam goes AWAY! I love it!!!

I made the change about 2 hours ago. Now, before, in a 2-hour period I’d receive about 40 e-mails. In the 2 hours since the change I’ve received a grand total of THREE e-mails – a test from myself, and two from friends. NO SPAM!

So, this is probably the end of the “Mail Bag” regular feature in my blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and rest easy knowing that other regular features like “What the Bums Are Drinking this Week” are still around for your reading enjoyment.

Sigh… if only I could eliminate the bums with a checkbox…