I made Mendi’s MySpace page!

The Big Foot regular I mentioned in the previous post – the one who came up and said “I hear it’s Tube Top Month” – has updated her MySpace page. Her headline now reads “I made Downtown Paul’s Blog!” and under “Who I’d Like to Meet,” she wrote, “I met Downtown Paul last night, so I’m golden in this department.”

Wow. I didn’t realize knowing me was a big deal, but thank you.

Also on MySpace… I got a message saying, “Club 616 wants to be your friend!” That’s the club where I hung out for the majority of the 1990s… it hasn’t existed in physical form in seven years… and now it’s popped up on MySpace. Guess it’s a good way to reconnect with all the club’s old regulars, most of whom are in their thirties by now. I wonder how often they change the music on their page. If I visit 616’s MySpace page on Sunday, I better hear some disco.

Plans for tonight: I’m about to head up to the Saucer to drink a beer or two, then I’ll hit the Peabody rooftop by 7:30. After the rooftop, I’ll probably head back to the Saucer. Or, perhaps I’ll stop by Big Foot… as generous as they were last night, they deserve all the business I can give them. Besides, Thursday along with Monday and Tuesday are good nights to go to Big Foot, because on those nights there is the least chance of The Most Annoying Woman On The Planet showing up.

Got some information on the Friday night Gibson rooftop parties, which are being called Finally Fridays. They ran an ad in the Flyer this week reading, “the ‘largest’ roof party in the Memphis.” That’s their typo, not mine. Here’s a link to their website. Cover is $15, or VIP access for $50. Has anyone been to one of these yet? I gotta tell you, after seeing their ad copy, their website design, and their cover charge, I’m not particularly inclined to go.

Downtown is beginning to see the annual influx of Eastern Europeans who come here for their summer break. No Romanians yet, though, at least none that I’m aware of.

Ahhh… it feels good to have my blog back. Time for a beer! I hope they’ve got something good on Fire Sale tonight.