Friday update: Free Master’s degree, tube tops, and beer

– This morning as I was walking the halls at my consulting job at the school board, I noticed a new poster on the wall. It advertised what looked like a really great opportunity and I thought I’d pass on the info to anyone who might be interested:

The University of Memphis will pay full tuition and fees for anyone wishing to get a Master of Arts in Teaching, provided that they agree to teach math or science in the Memphis City Schools after graduation. That’s basically a free ride worth about 25 grand… everything is covered except examinations and books. You’ll also be placed in a student teaching program at a middle school in the Memphis City Schools system, earning $19,000 a year as a part-time teacher. To be eligible, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 GPA or above, and you have to pass their entrance exams.

Sounds like a really good deal. Visit their website for more info. If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you know I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the city schools, but since I started working there I have been very, very impressed by their commitment to excellence and the passion for education that exists within the system. I predict we’re going to hear a lot of good things about MCS over the next few years.

– FUN TUBE TOP FACT: When Americans hear the term “boob tube,” we think of television. But when the British talk about “boob tubes,” they are referring to what we here in the States call tube tops. Boob tubes… I kinda like that.

– Last night I discovered that one of my favorite beers of all time, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, is now on tap at the Flying Saucer. It’s the seasonal Sam Adams beer for summer. I haven’t had Cherry Wheat in years. I used to buy it at 616’s import bar back in the ’90s. (Although, it technically isn’t an import, since it’s made in the USA.) If you like flavored beers you gotta try one – tastes like you’re drinking a bowl of cherries. It’s $4 a glass, or you can catch it on Mondays for $2.50 at Pint Nite.

– Plans for this weekend: Undecided at this point. I heard a rumor that the elusive Master Polo (who is something of a Memphis legend on MySpace) may make an appearance at Raiford’s this weekend, and if that’s the case I may have to show up and meet this guy in person. Besides, I had a blast at Raiford’s last Saturday night and am ready to go again. Looks like I’ll be missing my usual Sunday bottle of champagne to meet with Mike King about next steps for Residents for a Safer Downtown – you know I’m serious about an issue when I alter my drinking plans.

– Check back later today… I have a webcam link for you. But right now, my lunch hour is over, and it’s back to an exciting afternoon of sitting in a cubicle and building an asset inventory web application. Fun fun fun…