Lunchtime post

Today’s lunchtime post is happening thanks to the free Wi-Fi at High Point Coffee at Union and Belvedere. They have this incredible looking cheesecake called Raspberry Eruption. I didn’t get a piece today because I haven’t rbeen to an ATM in a while, but next time I will. They tell me it’s regular cheesecake mixed with raspberry and white chocolate and topped with raspberry sauce. I wish I had the camera with me to take a pic.

(Right about now, The Nuh-Uh Girl is texting Chad: “we need to go to high point coffee for cheesecake”)

I am pleased to announce a recipient of the brand new Outstanding Citizen Award. This award is given to someone who takes steps to make her community a better place. The very first recipient of the award is frequent blog reader Meredith, who not only wore a tube top to Big Foot Lodge, but had a picture taken and posted it as her MySpace profile picture. I’ve received permission to re-post the pic here:

There ya go. That’s Meredith. In this picture she has exemplified what Tube Top Month is all about, and for that reason I’m happy to present her with the Outstanding Citizen Award. There isn’t a trophy or anything that goes with it; maybe I should fire up Paint Shop Pro and create a gold seal or something. But this is a lunchtime post and I have a limited amount of time to get it done, so it will have to wait until later.

In other Big Foot news, last night I captured a 3-minute video of a fight that broke out in the lobster tank. I have yet to get it properly uploaded to the server, so it’s not ready for viewing yet.

I’m going to two Mpact events this week, which are more than I’ve attended in the past 6 months. Tomorrow I’ll be attending a Leadership Luncheon with Mike Heidingsfield, president of the Memphis-Shelby County Crime Commission. Seems like there’s an opportunity for Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis to partner with the commission, and I hope to get a few minutes with Mr.Heidingsfield after his talk. And then Wednesday evening I will be attending the After Hours at the Lofts which I mentioned in a previous post. Mpact’s event detail page for the After Hours says, “Complimentary beer, wine, and hors d’ouevres from Miss Cordelia’s will be provided.” That’s what I wanted to hear! There will also be music by The Glass and tours of The Lofts.

And of course, tonight is Pint Night, so it goes without saying that I’ll be at the Saucer.

I’ll be posting a major announcement to the blog this Friday. I don’t want to give away exactly what the announcement concerns, but it could be said that points east of my home in downtown Memphis are involved. Far to the east. You could say it will have something to do with a visa. And travel. And I will say that I’m very, very happy to make this announcement.

But right now, I’m not nearly as happy to announce that I have to go sit in a damn cubicle for 4 more hours. I’d wish you a happy Monday, but really, is anyone happy on Monday?