Can’t believe no one noticed yet…

I can’t believe that none of my dear readers have e-mailed me yet and pointed out something that they noticed about the previous post (the Pint Nite post). First person to figure out what I’m talking about and e-mail me wins a free beer.

Today’s lunchtime post is being written on Otherlands’ Wi-Fi connection. Been walking around looking at the flyers people have left here. Here’s something that looks pretty interesting: Meisner Acting Class for the Creative. Looks like it’s intensive acting classes that will benefit anyone in the creative arts. They’re having a fundraiser on Saturday, July 29 starting at 8 pm, with Amy LeVere, Saturna, an art auction, short films, and trailers. Click the link for more details about either the classes or the fundraiser.

There are also flyers for Steve Cohen and Novella Smith-Arnold in here. Otherlands patrons have good taste in politicians.

Plans for tonight: Trivia. Beer. Waitresses. I have heard that our pop-culture expert The Nuh-Uh Girl won’t be there tonight, so we may be in trouble this week if there are a lot of entertainment questions. I’ve been studying up though. I want revenge on Pam the Trivia Traitor.

Tomorrow at lunch I’ll be driving downtown to Sleep Out’s. For those of you wondering why I would drive from my work at the eastern edge of Midtown all the way downtown for lunch, let me explain. It’s chicken alfredo pasta day. That’s the reason. Really.

Well, that and I’ve also received a tip that if I show up, I may decide to end Tube Top Month Extended a couple of weeks early and proclaim it Tank Top Month instead.

Thursday night I’ll be hitting the Peabody rooftop early in the evening (around 7 or 7:30) and then around 9 I’ll head over to the Flying Saucer, where The Dempseys will be playing at 9:30. At some point I may meet up with fellow blogger Semi-Charmed Kat, who flaked out on me last night. She’ll be downtown for the Ptolemy happy hour thing.

If you can’t make it to see the Dempseys downtown on Thursday, they’ll be playing at the East Bumblefuck Saucer on Friday.

… And lunchtime’s over. I’ll end this post with a shout-out to my good friend Chuck D. Have a good afternoon everybody….