House-hunting? Might want to look at this

I was flipping through the new issue of the Memphis Flyer this afternoon, and I noticed a house in Cooper-Young which appears to be selling for an incredibly good price. I’m too attached to Downtown to consider moving, but if you’re house-hunting and are considering Midtown, this might be something you want to look into.

It’s a 2BR/1BA bungalow at 2061 Evelyn for $109,500. You can see a pic of it at the bottom left corner of p.61 of this week’s Flyer (October 5-11 issue). The ad says it has a bonus room, all appliances stay, hardwood floors, separate living room and dining room.

This house, on a corner lot at Evelyn and Tanglewood, is a one-block walk from Cooper. You’d be able to walk to Celtic Crossing, Young Avenue Deli, Dish, Do, The Beauty Shop, Jasmine, Casablanca and all the other hotspots in the area. You’d be able to walk to Black Lodge Video to rent DVDs. You’d be able to walk to Square Foods and pick up dinner at their deli. You’d be able to walk to Java Cabana for coffee, and to Goner Records for some tunes. If you go to church at First Congo, you’d be able to walk there too. And of course, you’d have Cooper-Young Fest a block away every September. And you could walk to Tiger football games. This is in a great location and is in the most desirable quadrant of Cooper-Young – it’s not too close to the ‘hood in any direction.

It’s been a long time I’ve seen a house in such an ideal location at such an affordable price. Someone ought to jump all over this. The only negative mentioned in the ad is that the house needs some painting. At this price, I think I’d hire an expert to take a look and verify that there is nothing else wrong with it. But assuming it passes your expert’s inspection, this looks like a heck of a buy.

I’m not affiliated with the seller or realtor or anything, just saw what looked like a good buy and thought I’d bring it to the attention of my readers – kind of like I do with my Deal of the Week column but on a much larger scale.

(Disclaimer: I have no real estate background and am basing this post on nothing but my own intuition. If you buy this house and something turns out to be wrong with it, I’m not responsible. Consult experts before you buy.)