Attn downtowners who plan to early vote

I just got back from early voting… usually I walk up the Main Street Mall to Poplar, turn right, and the office is at 157 Poplar just past Second. However… due to the church fire, that entire intersection (even the sidewalks) is completely blocked off. If you’re walking to the election commission, you’ll need to get over on Third and then turn left on Poplar, where you can still use to sidewalk to get to the door at 157 Poplar.

Here’s a list of early voting locations and times.

I voted for Phil Bredesen because he’s done a good job, Steve Cohen because I admire his principles and leadership, Harold Ford Jr. because he’s not a Republican, and No on Amendment 1 because it promotes intolerance and prejudice. I would have voted for Republican Terry Roland because I want to see Ophelia Ford lose, but I didn’t appreciate his auto-dialer calling me at 8:04 in the morning, waking me up to a canned campaign message. So I left that race blank.

Tonight: Beer, trivia, waitresses.