Bar news

– Sleep Out Louie’s now has the ability to plug your laptop or iPod directly into their sound system and play your tunes. Just create a “Louie’s mix” and show it to Smokin’ Lemon or whoever the bartender is. Assuming the songs are all bar-friendly, they can then plug it in and play the mix.

– The Tap Room has removed their stage and I hear they won’t be having any more bands there. That’s both good news and bad news to me. On one hand, they had some damn good bands there – Starunner is the one that comes to mind but I know there were a lot of others. And the funny thing is, the Tap Room was hardly a high-paying gig for them – most of the bands who came there just wanted to play on historic Beale Street where their heroes, and their heroes’ heroes, played. On the other hand, The Tap Room is my favorite bar on Beale because it’s not flashy, it’s not glamorous, it’s just a place where you can have a good conversation. And it’s easier to hear the conversation when a band isn’t playing. Still, though, one of the other regulars predicts the bands will be back by summer.

– Heard a rumor today that Las Margaritas, in the Artesian hotel on McLean that used to be a Ramada and before that a Holiday Inn, will move into the spot that is currently The Happy Mexican on South Second.

– FreeWorld (unplugged) at the Saucer tonight, 9:30.

– I have more pics from last night to post, but the people involved weren’t wearing tube tops so it isn’t a priority.