"Is it blog-worthy?"

Thursday night at the Big Foot party, I snapped a couple of pics of regular blog readers. As soon as I snapped one of the pics, I looked at the image on the screen and told them, “That’s a good picture!” To which they immediately replied, “A good picture? Is it blog-worthy?”

So here ya go. These are regular readers Meredith and Melissa:

And here’s one of Meredith by herself:

All right… I’m finally caught up on pictures. Yesterday I got home at 4 in the afternoon, woke up at 7 PM, considered whether I wanted to go out, decided against it, went back to bed at 8 PM, woke up at 7 AM. I think I just needed to sleep off the accumulated stress of staying out way too late all week for Christmas events and sitting in a cubicle all day for too many days in a row. I feel great today though. Will probably wander around downtown and see if there’s any last-minute Christmas shopping I want to do. If you go to Sleep Out Louie’s to catch Pam and Terry tonight, look for my stocking (pictured below) hung above the bar.