One of the wildest links I’ve posted in a while

Over the years I’ve been addicted to a site called Africam, which has live webcams focused on watering holes in Africa, where wildlife come to drink. Since discovering the site in 1999, I’ve seen zebras, elephants, leopards, antelopes, and other critters on the cams, in their natural habitat.

Well, now they’ve added a live cam with streaming video at one of the watering holes. I’ve been watching it for the past 10 minutes or so. South Africa is 8 hours ahead of us, which means it’s about 4 AM there as I type this. The cam has night vision, but things have been pretty dead so far. I did see one animal wander by, possibly a hyena or wild dog. Things should liven up in about an hour, at 9 PM our time – that will be 5 AM their time, and given that it’s just past the summer solstice there the sun should be coming up around then. That should draw some herds of animals for their morning drink. If you’re at your computer tonight, pull it up and take a look. The streaming video feed has sound too and I’ve heard some unusual animal calls.