"Where can I go downtown to watch the bowl games today?"

Arkansas plays Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl today, noon Central time. Go Hogs!

Several times last night people asked me, “Where can I go downtown to watch the Capital One Bowl?” and I was a little bit stumped, because my two favorite places to watch football will be closed at the time of the game. Sleep Out Louie’s is closed all day and the Flying Saucer opens at 5.

I’m almost positive Big Foot Lodge is operating under their normal hours today, and with their six big TVs over the bar, that would be the place I’d recommend. You’ll be able to watch the game in the company of some really good people, and have a good lunch and a 34 oz. Big Foot Beer.

Not sure if Huey’s and Dan McGuinness Pub will be opening at their normal times today, but those are some other venues worth looking into.

Jillian’s and Hooters are well-known as downtown options for game watching. Their food is more expensive than the places listed above and not as good, and they’re corporate rather than locally owned, but they do have a lot of big TVs. There’s an Arkansas fan club that tends to hang out at Jillian’s, from what I understand.

Me, I’ll probably hang out here at home and watch the game. The Saucer opens at 5:00 and it’s Pint Nite, so I imagine I’ll be showing up at their doorstep sometime around 5:03, and hanging out there until… um… what time does the Saucer close on Mondays? Also, speaking of the Saucer, The Dempseys will be playing there Thursday night at 9:30, so put that one on your calendar.

I’ll be back later today with a review of last night’s festivities, including a new TUBE TOP pic!!! So be sure to check back.