Thinking about moving into Number One Beale

Last week the Memphis Business Journal had an article about business offices opening for One Beale, the new ultra-luxury hi-rise condo/hotel building being built at Beale and Riverside. Last night I was thinking to myself, you know, I should buy one of those condos.

You see, last night I was going to go out for an evening of tube top watching, but then I discovered that the books I had ordered from Amazon had arrived. I was kind of tired anyway, so I decided to just lie around and read.

As the evening went on I got hungry. I looked in the refrigerator. There was a bottle of salsa, but I didn’t have any chips to go with it. By this point Walgreens had already closed for the evening, and I didn’t feel like walking down Main to Jack’s and running the gauntlet of bums asking for money. And I couldn’t get in the car and drive somewhere for chips – it’s after dark and one of my pop-up headlights refuses to pop up, and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet.

Then I thought to myself, you know, they say that the condo owners at One Beale will have access to the same amenities at One Beale as the hotel guests. So, if I lived there I could ring up the concierge desk and ask them to go get me some chips.

So, I’m planning to buy at One Beale. There’s only one minor hitch that could derail this plan. That is that the units start at $450,000, and I don’t currently have $450,000. However, I’m not letting that stop me. Surely I can find a way to come up with $450,000 by the time the office opens next week. If anyone has any tips on earning $450,000 in a weekend let me know.