The latest nightclub to come back from the dead on MySpace

Last year I wrote about being invited to be Club Six-1-Six’s MySpace friend, seven years after the club closed its doors for the last time. Well, there’s now another nightclub of the past that has been resurrected on MySpace… Raiford’s.

Let’s get some atmosphere up in here! This is gonna be a night we ALL gonna remember!

I had trouble viewing the MySpace profile in Firefox though… I never got scroll bars to move around the page. It came up properly in Safari. I didn’t try it in IE. Heh… if ever there’s a MySpace user who should “pimp their profile,” it would be Raiford’s.

Too bad Raiford’s closed right before Tube Top Month kicked off this year… Raiford’s probably had more tube tops per square foot on Friday and Saturday nights than any other place in town.