Cool stuff I found surfing other blogs – iPhone sucks, RSVP, free business book, Westin Casablanca party

Otto reports that the iPhone officially sucks. He has a long list of features left off the $499 iPhone – many of which can be found on phones that are essentially free with service contract. Kind of reminds me how the iPod is the most expensive MP3 player on the market and yet doesn’t come with a voice recorder, FM tuner, etc. … but taken to a whole new level with the iPhone. If you’re thinking about getting one, you should definitely read Otto’s post first.

– One of my favorite things to do every month is pick up an issue of RSVP magazine and make fun of the people pictured therein, at their high-falutin’ society parties. Well, this month I get to make fun of people I actually know – Ptolemy Kat and O-Boy made the July issue.

Hugh Hollowell reports that one of the entrepreneurial world’s most famous authors, Seth Godin, has made one of his books, The Bootstrapper’s Bible, available for free download in PDF format. I’ve bookmarked it and plan on adding the book to my growing to-read list.

I’ve been reading Hugh for a couple of weeks now, and his blog has gone straight to the top of my bookmarks list. All kinds of good advice and websites to check out. Although, I’m a bit disappointed that my blog didn’t make his list of “blogs that make you think” – sure, those blogs may have great self-improvement tips and business advice, but do any of them have “Tube Top Month”?

Midtown Ryan and Rachel report that the Westin will have a post-Casablanca party (the Orpheum will show the movie Casablanca) Friday night, June 29, with Casablanca-themed drinks, party favors and music. The party will be held in the Westin’s lobby. Should be a good time, and something to do after Trolley Tour ends at 9. The Westin has only been open 2 months and is already getting a reputation for throwing great parties.

– Been at the Second Street branch office three hours and I’ve only managed to put away 2 Blue Moons. I drink slowly when I work, I guess (and I wouldn’t want to get drunk while I’m working anyway). Gotta go home and call a client, so it looks like the trip to Blues City Pastry will have to wait until later in the week.