Happy birthday Yoko

You remember how I blogged that I had nothing to do today? Well, I lied. We actually had a surprise birthday party for our friend Yoko.

Here’s a pic (above) of Yoko unwrapping a present of cookies from Pete the Trivia Guy.

We had the party in the downstairs of Pearl’s Oyster House. I had the char-grilled oysters and they were phenomenal. After the party we moved to The Warehouse (opened by a friend of the owner, thanks). By that point everyone but me was too drunk to continue, because much like Shawn Michaels, I’m the icon that can still go. And I went, all right – I went to Nate’s Bar for a drink – E&H was DEAD – then on to Hoop’s Bar where one of my favorite off-duty bartenders bought me a shot.

Yoko, we love you. When you said it’s surreal, having your family and your new family all in one place, you were right. But get used to it. You ARE family.

Photo album as soon as I sober up enough to process the pics. Some of you have some embarrassing drunkass moments to relive.