Random pics of people you don’t care about

Just cleaned out the pics on the camera and went through the past four months or so of pics on my hard drive. Found a few memorable ones that are worth posting. So let’s get this party started:

Wasted at Pearl’s Oyster House, June 2007.Only the Nuh-Uh Girl would wear a shirt that says “ME ME ME” on it.

Leo Lazarus, the Tuesday night guitar guy at the Saucer. *clap clap clap* “Thanks, Paul.”

John D’s special “pain in the ass” breakfast. He combines parts of five or six brunch menu items at the Majestic to make his own custom breakfast, because he’s special like that. When we did one of our brunch weeks at McGuinness, Patrick from the Majestic brought his Pain In The Ass Breakfast over to him. I’m sure there was a Bud Light somewhere nearby.

A teeny-tiny little car that I see Downtown from time to time.