The things you see in Downtown Memphis

PROFANITY ALERT: If you have a problem with the f-word, skip this post. I rarely bust it out in my blog anymore, but this is a case where it’s absolutely unavoidable. There’s no other term to appropriately describe what I saw.


So, last night, I left Earnestine & Hazel’s about 1:30 and started walking back toward the Downtown core. As I passed the intersection of Main and Talbot I heard moaning. I looked over to my right, and saw a vacant grassy field at the corner of Mulberry and Talbot. There was a dude who had a girl up against a fence and they were totally FUCKING, right there. I could hear her screaming and moaning half a block away as I walked by. He was spanking her, too. From the sound of things he was really giving it to her good.

I imagine the proximity of Raiford’s (one block to the north) had something to do with their choice of location.

Geez. It was 35 degrees and windy at that time. I’m not even sure my equipment would work under those conditions, no matter how hot the girl is. Maybe dude popped a Viagra or something.