Bluefin – your Christmas Eve value drinking option

Just walked up to the Saucer to say Merry Christmas to the gang before heading to Little Rock. On the way down there, I saw the following sign on Bluefin’s door:

Open 5 PM – 12 AM Christmas Eve Monday 12/24$1 Jager shots
$2 Cosmos
$2 Featured beer

Dollar Jager. Oh my God. That crowd is going to get real stupid real fast. Oh how I wish I could be in town for this. And you know what? If I were there I probably WOULDN’T drink. I’d probably people-watch and sit around and watch everybody else act like drunk, crazy fools.

I have a request if you go: Take pictures. Lots of pictures. And send them to me. In particular take photos of 1) my Sunday brunch crew/trivia team; and 2) current and former employees of the Flying Saucer. The Saucer is closed all day tomorrow so I have a feeling a lot of them will be there. That also means Pint Nite is not an option for those remaining in Downtown Memphis on Christmas Eve.

If you go, keep in mind that 1) a designated driver or money to pay for a taxi home would be a very wise idea; and 2) excessive use of Jagermeister can lead to temporary insanity. Jagermeister: For the best times of your life that you’ll never remember.

Time to hit the road. If the car starts. Haven’t driven it in two and a half weeks.