Christmas presents

(From Little Rock) Since I have to drive back to Memphis tomorrow, we did Christmas a day early. Among the presents I got:

– A spare battery for the digital camera. That’s a GOOD THING because I was down to one battery, which limited photo albums to about 125 pictures per event. This new battery is supposed to be high-capacity, so if I take both batteries to an event I’m looking at potentially 300 pictures. Larger photo albums!

– A stuffed Razorback that plays the Arkansas fight song and says “Woooooooo pig sooieeeeee!” This will come with me to future Arkansas-Tennessee game viewing parties for the purpose of annoying my friends.

– A magnetic Arkansas Razorback drink coozie. The label reads, “Attaches to cars, trucks, campers, lawnmowers!” There’s a joke in there about Arkansas and attaching a drink holder to a lawnmower, but it’s just too easy.

– Several trivia books. The book I really need, in order to figure out the trivia questions we get asked on a weekly basis, is “Inside Pete the Trivia Guy’s Mind.” That would probably be found in the horror section of the bookstore.

Tomorrow’s the last day I can wear my Santa hat for another 11 months. I’ll probably wear the exact outfit on my profile pic, the hat and my Romanian Girls shirt. Back in Memphis by 5.