That new Hawaiian bakery on Front – Big Ono Bake Shops

Several people have e-mailed asking me, “What’s the deal with that new shop on Front Street, at Gayoso across from Barton Flats and AutoZone?”  So today as I was walking back from free pizza at the Orpheum, I stopped in.  It’s called Big Ono Bake Shops and it’s a Hawaiian bakery.

They have enormous rolls and loaves, made with their slightly sweet Polynesian recipe.  Featured breads include

  • Butter rolls – huge, only 88 cents each
  • Lava rolls – cinnamon, raspberry, and apple spice
  • Scones – cranberry orange, blueberry, chocolate chip, or banana nut
  • Hula breads
  • Cranberry walnut volcano loaves
  • Cinnamon raisin volcano loaves
  • Cheddar cheese, black pepper, and onion volcano loaves

The rolls and scones are enormous and easily enough for two people to split.  The loaves are even more enormous and were designed to make “absolutely delicious sandwiches,” one of the owners told me.

They also carry Kona coffee by the cup, $1.75 for your choice of classic, chocolate macadamia nut, vanilla macadamia nut, or hazelnut.

But as far as I’m concerned, this is the most important thing they carry… MOUNTAIN DEW!!!  That means I will be a frequent visitor to Big Ono.  They carry a lot of other canned and bottled drinks as well – “we try to carry products you don’t see everywhere else,” said the co-owner.

Open 6 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday.  Never been to Hawaii but I bet there are a lot of tube tops there.

In other news… at the Orpheum I heard about a coming attraction that sounds interesting, a musical called Avenue Q that features humans and puppets singing songs like “The Internet is for Porn.”  Hmmm… that sounds like fun.  It runs September 30-October 5.

Also heard that Lantana Projects will be back soon with new art exhibits, including one that involves art made out of FAA flight charts.  Bet my friend Air Traffic Mike will enjoy that one.

All right, time to get back to work on The Most Boring Project on Earth for four more hours, then it’ll be the weekend.