Downtowners for Obama RSVP list tops 100

The organizer for today’s Downtowners for Obama event tells me that the RSVP list, counting speakers and dignitaries, has now topped 100. This is going to be a HUGE event. But, it’s being held in a huge space, the Majestic Grille, so come on down. 3 to 5 PM today. U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen will speak, as will the chairman of the state Democratic Party, and others. Come get involved in the grass-roots campaign to put Barack Obama in the White House.

Couple of pics from Trolley Tour last night:

Here’s a pic of my BFF Suzy in a tube top.

Here’s a pic of Meredith in a tube dress.

All right, got a lot to get done today, so gotta run. If I have time this evening, I’ll post a recap of the Downtowners for Obama event.