It’s official: Interim will take over the Daily Grill

The CA had an article this morning announcing that the rumors are true:  East Memphis restaurant Interim will take over the Daily Grill.  The restaurant will not be named Interim (they have yet to pick a name) and will emphasize fresh fish, although there will also be chicken, burgers, steaks, oysters, and other menu items.  More details here.

Fun Trolley Tour last night.  Mikey the Camera Nazi had his monthly porch party outside his condo, and I tried my luck at cornhole and found that my skills had improved considerably since last time.  After that I went to Calhoun’s with some new friends for beers.  I didn’t make it to Aquanet’s performance at the Red Rooster, so I’ll have to catch them next time.

I put gas in the car for the first time in three months this morning.  That Riverside BP is a gem.  Bought a couple of breakfast sandwiches to take home.

Time to get dressed and head down Main for the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival.  I’ll put a fresh battery in the camera and take pictures.