Memphis Music & Heritage Fest keeps getting better every year

I had a great time at the Center for Southern Folklore’s Memphis Music and Heritage Festival.  Seems like it keeps getting better every year… more people attending, better bands, better variety.  Great food too, inside the folklore hall… I had some homemade chili yesterday.  They have meat and vegetarian varieties.  They also have BBQ shoulder sandwiches, and Ella Kizzie’s chicken, greens, and hot-water cornbread.  There are street vendors selling funnel cakes, corn dogs, and the like.  Circa has white and red sangria for sale for $5.

Here’s a pic from yesterday.  Three tube tops – nice!

Looking forward to another fun-filled day… at least hurricane refugees arriving here from New Orleans will have something to occupy their mind today.

Heading back there in a few minutes to get started until day 2.  Festival runs all day today, so come on down.