September 26

September 26, 2008… my grandmother who helped raise me as I grew up would’ve turned 100 today.

It’s Friday morning and I don’t know what my plans are for the evening. If there’s a debate, I’ll be at the Red Rooster to watch it. If it’s called off, I’ll be at the South Main Trolley Tour. Weather looks to be perfect this month. In either case, I’ll be in the South Main area later in the evening for a private party.

Hmmm… the Red Rooster… the Blue Monkey… the Flying Fish… Bardog Tavern… the soon-to-be-open Silly Goose… the Pig on Beale… Spindini, the best Cougar Bar as voted by Memphis Flyer readers… quite a nice little Downtown zoo we’ve got going on.

The election is barely more than a month away… I’m addicted to RealClearPolitics. I check it throughout the day to see if any states have flipped from red to blue or vice versa. The last day to register to vote in time to vote in the November elections is October 6. Early voting is October 15-30.

I’ve been asked to let everyone know to check out the empty lot next to Earnestine & Hazel’s tonight for Trolley Tour. There’s an art park initiative going on for the new Downtown promenade, and they’ll have an exhibit in the lot tonight. Come see Architecture Inc.’s plans for the park, watch 7 artists perform live to the tunes of a funky jazz band, and most importantly, drink some Ghost River beer!

I’ve also been told that personal trainer Shannon Lazek has opened a space in the old Durden art gallery at 408 S. Front #107, and she will have an open house tonight during Trolley Tour. I’ve never met Shannon but she comes highly recommended from a client to tell me how awesome she is. Check her out if you’re into fitness, or want to be.

The South Main Association will have free food and beer for members tonight from 6 to 8. Non-members can get a beer for a $2 donation (although, note two paragraphs above that the art park people will be serving beer too).

Since I hung out with Michelle and Jenny this week, in the interest of equal time, I guess I’ll have to stop by Calhoun’s either Saturday or Sunday day and see Lauren. The October BFF race is dead even. Michelle and Jenny had pulled out to a slight lead, then undid it with that “barmaid” comment. That comment was as bad a foul as Lauren’s horrible Tennessee shirt. So I’d say the race is as even as Obama-McCain, except I don’t want to insult any of my potential BFFs by likening them to John McCain.

All right, outta here for now.  I had an IT guy ask me for job-hunting tips last weekend, and it occurred to me that the tips might be useful to others, so I’m working on a post about them.  Don’t know if it’ll be done today, but soon.  See you at either the debate or Trolley Tour tonight, if you’re out.