Announcing my latest website: College Logo Rugs. Also Silly Goose and Raiford’s info

My College Logo Watches, College Logo Jewlery, and College Logo Cornhole web storefronts have all been wildly successful in the short time they’ve been up, so I decided to create another one:

College Logo Rugs sells rugs of all shapes and sizes with your favorite college’s logo on them.  In addition to rugs and carpets, you can also find door mats, car mats, and bath rugs there.

(Tennessee Vols fans:  Note which item I chose to display for you on the home page.  That wasn’t an accident.)

As with most of my stores, secure checkout and shipping is handled by the world’s most successful Internet retailer, I receive a commission on each item sold, based on the total number of items all of my stores sell for a given month.  This month it looks like I’ll receive 7.5% commission per item.  I never see your name or credit card number, just a confirmation letting me know what items were purchased.

In other news… I received an e-mail saying that it’s not a done deal that the Silly Goose will be open on New Year’s Eve… it’s going to be a race to the finish to get their liquor license by then.  If they have it in hand, they’ll open.  If not, it won’t be long after.

I also got an e-mail from Hollywood Disco, or as everyone still calls it, Raiford’s, saying that they will be open on New Year’s Eve.  There will be a $15 cover and doors will open at 9 PM.  They expect the place to fill quickly, so they’re encouraging everyone to prepay on their website.  I’ve already lined up New Year’s plans (Majestic Grille for dinner, then a fun private party in South Main), but if I hadn’t Raiford’s would be at the top of my list.

Speaking of parties in South Main, got one of those tonight… sort of a holiday party combining my circle of friends and the Calhoun’s regulars (quite a bit of overlap there already).  That doesn’t start until 7:30.  Hmmm that gives me a few hours to kill… with almost 70 degree weather in December, I may have to grab me a window seat at the Saucer for happy hour.  I’m tempted to apply the “rule of 60” (if it’s over 60, I put on shorts), but with the low tonight revised to 42, maybe I better not.