Big Foot Lodge changes its name to Kooky Canuck

Last night at Big Foot Lodge’s Christmas party, it was announced that the restaurant’s name is changing to Kooky Canuck.  They already have their new website up, and the 7 1/2 pound Sasquatch burger has been renamed the “Kookamunga.”  They’ll still be able to maintain the “lodge” theme of the restaurant.  The changes are being made to settle a lawsuit with two California restaurants that go by the name Big Foot Lodge.

I had a fun night last night… I judged the ugly sweater contest at the Majestic Grille while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and eating ham and drinking PBR.  Then I headed over to Big Foot/Kooky Canuck for their Christmas party, which was a jam-packed fun time as always.

I have a party at a friend’s house on South Main tonight, and that’ll be the last party for me this Christmas season.  Tuesday I’m headed to Little Rock for Christmas, and will return Friday in time to catch the Dempseys at the Saucer.  I’ll still be blogging throughout the remainder of this week, and next, though, so check back often.