Tamale Tuesday @ BP Riverside

Today was errand day.  I replaced a lost pass to my parking garage, made a run to West Memphis for groceries, and dropped off some liquor I’m donating to the New Year’s Eve party in South Main tomorrow night.  On the way back I stopped at BP Riverside for gas.  I came in and gave the deli selection a look.

“Let me give you a sample,” the guy at the counter said.  He gave me a homemade tamale covered in chili.  It was really good, good enough that I bought another one to take home.  They sell them for $1.99 each – beef, pork or chicken tamales covered in chili and cheese or salsa.  They also have a dinner with two tamales and two sides.

I think he knew I’d mention the tamales in my blog in exchange for a sample, but what the heck, I’m not above whoring out my blog for a free tamale.

Info about Orleans on Front still to come.