Announcing 13 new websites. Plus: NYE

After posting yesterday that my friends and I plan on having dinner at the Majestic on New Year’s Eve and then head to a party in the South Main area, I had a couple of people approach me and ask, “The Majestic dinner – can I get in on that?”  The people who approached me were too good friends to say no… and they’re in, but we can’t add any more.  Our reservation is for 30 and we’ve had 31 RSVPs at this point.  Looking forward to it though.  GREAT group of people we’ve assembled to ring in the new year.

All right – on to my announcement.  After the success of some of my college-themed stores like College Logo Watches and College Logo Cornhole, I’ve decided to go vertical rather than horizontal.  Hence, I’m building sites that carry all logo items sold on Amazon for individual colleges, under the banner of College Logo Shopping.  This weekend I created sites for Memphis and the 12 SEC schools.  Here are the individual links.

Memphis Tigers store

Alabama Crimson Tide store

Arkansas Razorbacks store

Auburn Tigers store

Florida Gators store

Georgia Bulldogs store

Kentucky Wildcats store

LSU Tigers store

Mississippi State Bulldogs store

Ole Miss Rebels store

South Carolina Gamecocks store

Tennessee Vols store

Vanderbilt Commodores store

As with all my sites, Amazon handles secure checkout and shipping arrangements.  I never see your name or credit card number, just a notification that someone ordered items.  After I started building these, I realized that these are perfect niches to organize into storefronts – the individual items are all over the place on Amazon, often in the wrong category, and in some cases misspelled, and I can fix all that with my storefronts.  There may be a few empty categories here and there, as the SEC stores are all copies of each other and not every item may be carried for some of the smaller schools such as Vandy.  I’ll refine them when I get more time.  Overall though, I think these will be very useful for locating school merchandise.

More to come.  I plan on doing the ACC schools next, then probably the Big 12.  Eventually I hope to have a store for every major college.

I just received an e-mail about new developments at Orleans on Front and the Voodoo Room downstairs, so there will be a post on that later.  Right now I gotta run some errands.