Silly Goose open at 1 with $2.50 PBR for (22) Memphis vs. (unranked) Tennessee

The Silly Goose has informed me that they will be open at 1 PM Sat for people who want to watch the (22) Memphis vs. (unranked) Tennessee game.  Sound will be on.  They now have PBR on tap, $2.50 regular price or $1.50 during their 3 PM-8 PM happy hour Sunday through Thursday.

Sara will be bartending.

Quote from my friend and UT fan Frank:  “Bruce Pearl is a sexy man.  And you can blog that.”  OK then.  Frank’s comments do not represent the opinion of this blogger.  A certain former BFF of mine ought to be very disturbed.

Despite new places opening that serve pizza/flatbread (Majestic, Bluefin), I’ve held to my guns the past couple of years that the Black Diamond continues to have the best pizza Downtown.  Well, tonight I had a Silly Goose flatbread, the chicken alfredo one.  I need to try a couple more, but first impression is, the Diamond may finally get knocked off its perch.

Drunk.  Going to bed.