Pics: Crawfish pie eating contest at Voodoo Room


Chef Clint lays out the pies and fills the PBRtini glasses.


Isn’t it a little unfair to have a chef from another restaurant in the pie-eating contest?  He could have had unlimited practice this week eating his own cooking.


Ruchee proves that ladies can be competitve eaters too.


Struggling to keep that last bite of pie down.  That’s the thing about this contest – if anyone’s crawfish pie came back up, you know it would be naaaaaaaasty.


After the contest, Chad, Megan, Chuck, and Air Traffic Mike pose for a pic.  Feeling the effects of that PBR Chad?

The party died down before the second contest, the one offering giant beads as the prize to whoever showed the most “Mardi Gras spirit.”  And by “spirit” I mean… well, hopefully you know what I mean.  Boo to Suzy, Ruchee, and “Glo” for leaving before this contest.  If you three had been the finalists to “show the most spirit” I would have thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Apologies to Aquanet/Red Rooster for not making it to the show as intended… life happened on the way there.  And by “life happened” I mean I was the beneficiary of several unexpected shots someone bought me at Bardog.