Pics: Snuggie Pub Crawl

Here are a few pics that were snapped last night at the Snuggie Pub Crawl. Thanks to Joe for e-mailing me the pics.

The gang in our Snuggies
Misty doing a Jello shot
Me having a hurricane with Lee at Silky's
Snuggies at Silky's
Joe in an Arkansas Razorbacks Snuggie. I very much approve.
Amanda in an Action News 5 Snuggie feeding me a Jello shot

Misty and Puckett
Dumb and Dumber with Misty

That’ll do it for now… got a plan in place for this afternoon, which I can’t post because certain annoying people check this blog to find out where I am and then show up uninvited. Those who have my number can text me and I’ll tell you where I am.