Great deal for meat-eaters

A lot of Downtowners have been waiting for this… Texas de Brazil VIP cards are on sale again. You pay $59.99 for a punch card that can be used for up to 12 dinners at 50% off. If you use even 3 punches, you’ll make a profit on the card, and the $59.99 goes to the Children’s Cancer Fund.

There are various restrictions on the card, so be sure to read all the fine print before purchasing. The biggest restriction is that the card can’t be used Friday or Saturday nights or on major dining-out holidays. However, my group of friends has found these restrictions quite easy to work with: We go to Sunday brunch with the cards. Delicious meats, breakfast items like au gratin potatoes and bacon on the salad bar, and of course we add on the $3 unlimited mimosa. Getting a meal at TdB including mimosas, tax and tip for around $30 is quite the bargain.

Punches on the card must be used by September 29. One punch or many can be used at one table, but you can’t use multiple cards per table, so don’t get a group larger than 12 together when you go eat.

Attn gang (you know who you are): Do we want to get a bunch of these again? I’m certainly willing to pay for a card.